How to Apply for Section 8 in Alabama

A section 8 application in Alabama must be submitted to your local public housing agency (PHA) if you want to be considered for the housing choice voucher program. You can apply for section 8 using various methods, such as submitting your form online, in person or by mail. However, it is important to note that each PHA has different application methods available, and the steps for completing a form can vary based on where you apply. With that in mind, not all PHAs will provide every application method described below, making it necessary to contact your local agency to learn exactly how to apply. 

While the exact steps to apply for low income housing in Alabama differ from one PHA to the next, the information you need to provide on your form is usually the same no matter where you live. For example, your application will need to verify your family size and composition, your income and your legal presence in the U.S. Below, learn how to fill out an application for section 8 in Alabama and find out what happens after you submit your form. 

Steps to Take Before You Apply for Section 8 in Alabama 

Before you can submit a low income housing application, it is necessary to check whether your local PHA is accepting applications. Many PHAs close their waiting list when they cannot serve all of the applicants who are already waiting for vouchers. When a waiting list reopens, PHAs post a public notice through various methods, such as advertisements in the local newspaper and on radio stations. You can also check your local PHA’s website to see whether it is currently accepting applications. In many cases, PHA waiting lists will remain closed for a long period of time. You cannot submit an application for section 8 in AL using any method if the waiting list is closed. 

Information Required for a Section 8 Housing Application in Alabama

Whether you apply for section 8 in person, by mail or online, the form will require you to provide information on your household composition, including the number of people in your family and your relationship to one another. Be prepared to enter information on each household member, such as his or her: 

  • Name. 
  • Date of birth and age. 
  • Sex. 
  • Social Security Number. 
  • Occupation. 
  • Citizenship status. 

Most section 8 applications will also require that you provide your housing history, including details such as where you used to live and whether you have had any convictions from public housing in the past. The application will also need to include your income, assets and expenses. A HUD housing application will usually require that you enter the names, addresses and contact information for employers and banks so that your income and assets can be verified. The last step is to certify that the information in your application is true to the best of your knowledge.  

How to Submit a Section 8 Application Online in Alabama

Certain PHAs allow you to complete low income housing applications on their website, but most agencies do not offer this option. To see if you can apply online low income housing, it is necessary to contact a PHA in your area directly. You can also check your local PHA’s website to see if it provides an online application option. 

How to Apply for Low Income Housing in Alabama by Mail

Submitting a HUD section 8 application through the mail is a popular option offered by many PHAs. If you wish to apply through the mail, you will need to print an application from the PHA’s website (if available) or pick up a paper application from your local PHA in person. Completed applications can be sent to the address listed on the form, along with any attachments that you need in order to verify your identity, financial information, family composition or citizenship. 

How to Apply for Housing Assistance in Alabama in Person

All PHAs in Alabama should accept section 8 applications in person. In many cases, you will need to pick up an application at the PHA office and return it when you are finished filling it out. Other times, you can print an application from the housing agency’s website and hand-deliver it to the office when you are done. However, PHAs may also require you to have an appointment to submit your application. 

If you need to apply for section 8 housing in Alabama at a PHA’s office, it is recommended that you arrive before your appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork. Keep in mind that every applicant who is older than 18 years of age will be required to sign the application. If you are attending an appointment to apply for assistance, that means that every adult in your household will need to be present.

In order to make the in-person application for section 8 go more smoothly, you should come prepared with any documents that will verify your identity, legal presence or income. A certified birth certificate and original Social Security card can be shown to confirm who you are. Marriage and divorce decrees, as well as pay stubs and award letters for benefits will help verify the other details in your application. 

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in Alabama?

Once you apply for low-income housing, the PHA will verify all of the details relating to your family status, income and citizenship by checking with your bank, employer and other public agencies. If your eligibility for the program is set to an approved status, you will more than likely be placed on a waiting list. This is because most PHAs have more applicants than available vouchers, and it is necessary to wait until your name comes up on the list. However, in some cases, you may receive vouchers immediately if the PHA has them available. 

Doing a section 8 application status check in AL may be necessary if you are placed on a waiting list. The policies at each PHA will vary, meaning that some will allow you to check on your status and others may prefer to contact you directly once your name comes up. While you are on the waiting list, it is extremely important to let the PHA know if your address changes. This is because PHAs will usually send notifications through the mail and you will be removed from the wait list if notification letters are returned to the PHA office. 

To contact your Alabama HUD office, click here.