How to Apply for Section 8 in Alaska

An Alaska section 8 application must be submitted so that your eligibility for the program can be determined. The state public housing agency (PHA) is in charge of accepting and reviewing applications for assistance. While most states have multiple PHAs, Alaska has just one: the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. However, you can apply for section 8 at multiple housing assistance offices throughout the state. 

The state PHA does not allow you to submit a section 8 application online, but you may bring your application into an office or send it through the mail. After you submit an application, the PHA will verify your information to determine your eligibility. Upon being approved, you usually will be placed on a waiting list until housing vouchers are available. Below, learn more about the application process and find out what happens after you submit your form. 

Information for Completing a Low Income Housing Application in Alaska

Before you apply for low income housing, it is important that you check the current status of the waiting list to see which communities are accepting applications. The waiting list indicates each city where housing is available as well as the types of units that are open such as public housing, elderly housing or units that accept section 8 vouchers. Remember, under the section 8 program, you are usually able to choose a unit in public housing or on the private rental market if you prefer. 

A separate AK HUD housing application must be completed for each community that you are interested in moving to. For example, if there are section 8 units accepting applications in Juneau and Homer, you must apply for each of these communities in order to be considered for them both. The process of applying for section 8 is very similar for each community, but the PHA simply needs to have a form for each unit you are interested in. For your reference, the communities with section 8 housing options include the following: 

  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Homer
  • Juneau 
  • Ketchikan 
  • Kodiak
  • Nome 
  • Petersburg
  • Sitka
  • Soldotna
  • Valdez
  • Wasilla 
  • Wrangell 

When filling out an application for section 8 in AK, be sure to print clearly or type your answers using the fillable PDF application on the PHA website. Remember, you cannot apply online low income housing, but you can fill out your form on the PHA website and print the completed application. Your finished form must then be mailed or hand-delivered to the PHA office in your community.

How to Apply for Low Income Housing in Alaska by Mail

When filling out an application for section 8, you may choose to submit your form to the local PHA by mail. Your application must include the Community Information Sheet, which allows you to indicate the housing unit that you want to apply for. Furthermore, you need to provide details on the head of the household, the co-head of the household and any other family members who reside in the home. Lastly, you must sign your form to affirm, under penalty of perjury, that the information is provided to the best of your knowledge and that you give the PHA consent to screen your eligibility. Signing the form also confirms that you agree report changes to your family composition or your mailing address if approved for a voucher. 

When applying for section 8 by mail, you must submit your form to the correct PHA office. For example, if you are applying for housing in Juneau, you must send your application to the field office in Juneau. The mailing addresses for each office are listed on your application form. Most offices have a P.O. Box as well as a physical office location. You should mail your AK section 8 application to the P.O. Box address when one is available. 

How to Apply for Housing Assistance in Alaska in Person

Section 8 applications can also be hand-delivered to a PHA once you are finished with the form. If you need help filling out an application for section 8 in Alaska, it may be in your best interest to apply in person rather than through the mail. When you submit your form in person, a housing coordinator can help you complete the form and answer any questions you may have. Filling out an application in person requires that you submit the Community Information Sheet, include information on the head and co-head of the household and sign your verification form just as you would for a mailed-in application. 

When you apply for section 8 in person, you can request reasonable accommodations from the PHA if you have disabilities or limited proficiency speaking English. These requests can be made by contacting the PHA ahead of time. 

What happens after you submit a HUD section 8 application in Alaska?

The PHA will verify the information you provide in a HUD housing application in order to determine if you are eligible for the program. Factors that are checked include: 

  • Your family type and status, including details such as your age, relationship to one another and family size. 
  • Your income, which can be verified by checking information with your bank and employer. 
  • Your Social Security Number, which verifies your identity. 
  • Your citizenship or immigration status, which will determine whether all or just some of your family members are eligible to receive assistance. 

When your AK section 8 application is approved, you will be placed on a waiting list until a unit becomes available. The PHA will determine your placement based on when your application was received and whether your family qualifies for any preferences. For example, you may receive a preferential placement on the waiting list if your income is below 30 percent of the median family income in the area. It is not necessary to perform a section 8 application status check in Alaska once your name is on the waiting list. Instead, the PHA will contact you when your name comes up on the list or if it needs any additional information from you. 

You will not be placed on a waiting list if your application for section 8 is denied for any reason. However, when you are turned down for assistance, you may request an informal review. By law, the PHA is required to notify you promptly if you are denied assistance. The notification you receive will include instructions for requesting a review, during which you will have the opportunity to provide written or verbal objections to your denial

To contact your Alaska HUD office, click here.