How to Apply for Section 8 in Arizona

An Arizona Section 8 application must be submitted so that your eligibility for the housing choice voucher program can be determined. The steps required to apply for Section 8 will vary based on where you live due to the fact that there are multiple public housing agencies (PHAs) that serve the state. Each PHA has its own application steps that you must complete. While many of these steps may be similar from one PHA to the next, it is important to contact your local agency if you need help with a specific application. 

You can apply for low income housing using a few different methods. Most PHAs will only accept applications in person or through the mail. However, others may accept a Section 8 application online if you prefer to use this method. No matter how you apply, you will have to provide information on your family members, income and citizenship so that the PHA can verify your eligibility. Below, learn everything you need to know to submit an application and find out what happens if you are placed on a waiting list. 

What is the Arizona Section 8 application process? 

Before submitting a low income housing application in AZ, it is important to understand how the process works. Section 8 applications are only accepted when a PHA’s wait list is open. Agencies use waiting lists due to the fact that there are many people who want to receive housing assistance, but vouchers are limited. Most PHAs will announce a specific period of time during which you can submit an application, but others may have an open enrollment policy that allows you to apply any time the wait list has vacancies. 

The HUD housing application you submit to get onto an open waiting list is considered a “pre-application.” You may be accepted or denied for the wait list based on your pre-application. If your initial qualifications make you eligible for the wait list, you will still need to submit a full application once your name gets closer to the top of the waiting list. A full application for Section 8 in AZ is more detailed than your pre-application and it will determine your final eligibility for housing choice vouchers when they become available 

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in Arizona

To see if a HUD Section 8 application is accepted online, you will need to contact your local PHA to learn about its policies. If you are allowed to apply online for low income housing, you will complete a form on the PHA’s website, after which your eligibility for the wait list will be determined. When applying online, you will need to provide basic information on your household members and income as well as on your citizenship or legal presence so that your initial eligibility can be determined.

How to Apply for Low Income Housing in Arizona by Mail

Many PHAs allow you to pre-apply for Section 8 through the mail. Pre-applications that are submitted through the mail only include the basic information that a PHA needs to determine your initial eligibility. Be prepared to share information on the head of the household as well as the co-head and any additional family members who live in the home. Your mailing address, income and residency must be included on the application as well. When an application for Section 8 is accepted through the mail, the form will indicate the mailing address that you should return the application to. 

Mailed-in applications for Section 8 in Arizona must be postmarked by a certain date if there is a deadline for the waiting list you want to get on. Applications will usually be date-stamped when they arrive, which verifies that your application was received in the mail on time. PHAs are not responsible for mailed-in applications that arrive late due to delivery issues. 

How to Apply for Housing Assistance in Arizona in Person

You can always apply for low income housing by submitting your form in person. After filling out your application, simply hand-deliver it to the local PHA during business hours. If there is an application deadline, make sure you drop off your form before the office closes on the last business day. Just like mailed-in applications, a pre-application that you drop off in person will only include basic information about your family composition, income and citizenship. 

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in Arizona?

After you deliver your pre-application for Section 8, the PHA will make an initial determination of your eligibility. PHAs will notify you by mail if your name has been placed on the waiting list or if you have been turned down. When you are not approved for the waiting list, you will have a chance to appeal the PHA’s decision by requesting an informal review. Notifications will include instructions on how to request such a review. 

If your AZ Section 8 pre-application is approved, you will be placed on a waiting list based on when you applied as well as any local preferences that may apply. Each PHA has its own waiting list preferences, but in general, you may receive preference points if you live or work in the city or county where you applied for assistance, if you are homeless, elderly or disabled. 

Some PHAs allow you to perform a Section 8 application status check by calling the office or entering your identification number on the PHA’s website. However, in many cases, you will have to wait until your name reaches the top of the list, at which point, the agency will contact you directly. During the time that your name is on the waiting list, it is extremely important that you keep your mailing address current. If the PHA cannot reach you by mail, it will remove you from the waiting list automatically. 

You will usually be asked to complete a full Arizona Section 8 application once your name gets closer to the top of the waiting list. The full application includes much more detail and requires that you sign a consent form that allows the PHA to verify all of your eligibility details. Upon approval, you will be deemed eligible to receive a housing voucher. 

To contact your Arizona HUD office, click here.