How to Apply for Section 8 in Delaware

A Section 8 application in Delaware should be completed if you wish to be considered for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program is federally funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), but it is administered at the local level by public housing authorities (PHAs). As a result, you must apply for vouchers through your local PHA. 

Because there are several PHAs in Delaware, the application methods and steps can vary slightly based on where you live. In general, you will either be able to apply for Section 8 in person, by mail, over the phone or online. Once you apply for low income housing in Delaware, it is common to be placed on a waiting list until vouchers become available. Note that your initial application may only determine your eligibility for the waiting list. If your name is selected from the list, it is oftentimes necessary to submit a full Section 8 application so that that housing authority can determine your final eligibility. Below, learn more about Section 8 applications and find out what to do if you are placed on a wait list.

When and Where to Apply for Section 8 in Delaware 

Before applying for Section 8, it helps to understand that there are several different PHAs in the state. You are generally allowed to apply at any PHA, but you may reduce your wait time if you apply at the PHA that serves your city or county. The housing agencies in Delaware include the following: 

  • Delaware State Housing Authority (DHSA), which serves communities in Kent and Sussex Counties.
  • Newcastle County Housing Authority, which covers communities in Newcastle County. 
  • Newark Housing Authority, which serves the city of Newark. 
  • Wilmington Housing Authority, which covers the city of Wilmington. 
  • Dover Housing Authority, which serves the city of Dover. 

In most cases, a DE low income housing application can only be submitted when a PHA’s wait list is open. PHAs will usually announce when waiting lists open by placing a public notice in newspapers and on radio stations. You can also call PHAs or check their websites to learn whether a waiting list is open or not. 

How to Submit a Section 8 Application Online in Delaware

Applying online for Section 8 is not an option at every PHA. Currently, the DHSA is the only agency that accepts applications online. To use this option, you will need to visit the agency’s website and select the DHSA Online Application from the menu. When you apply online low income housing, you will need to start by registering on the website and choosing the correct Section 8 form to fill out. Once you begin filling in your information, note that you have only one hour to save the information before your session expires. You can always save your application and return to it later if you do not want to complete it all at once. 

An online application for Section 8 in Delaware must be filled out completely. If you leave any required fields blank, you will not be able to proceed to the next step. After you finish your form, its status will change from “draft” to “submitted.” Next, the PHA will either approve or deny your application, which you can see by logging into your account. 

How to Apply Section 8 Housing in Delaware by Mail

Several PHAs allow you to submit a HUD housing application through the mail, including the DSHA as well as the Dover and New Castle housing authorities. Some properties that fall under the jurisdiction of the Wilmington Housing Authority may also accept applications by mail, but it is necessary to contact these communities individually. The DSHA allows you to print a Public Housing/Section 8 Application directly from its website, but you will need to pick up an application in person or call your PHA to request that an application is sent to you in the mail if you are applying through a different authority. 

Any time you apply for low income housing through the mail, you will want to pay attention to any deadlines that may exist. Some PHAs only open their waiting lists for a limited period of time, meaning that your form must be postmarked by the deadline if you wish to apply through the mail. 

How to Apply for Delaware Section 8 by Phone

To submit a rental assistance application over the phone, you will need to use the DSHA or the Newark Housing Authority. Certain properties managed by the New Castle, Dover or Wilmington PHAs may accept applications over the phone as well, but it may be necessary to contact each property individually to learn its policy. PHAs can be contacted at the following phone numbers: 

  • DSHA: 302-739-7419 or 302-739-4263 
  • Newark Housing Authority: 302-366-0826
  • Wilmington Housing Authority: 302-429-6815
  • Dover Housing Authority: 302-678-1965
  • New Castle County Housing Authority: 302-395-5600

How to Apply for Housing Assistance in Delaware in Person

It is easy to apply for Section 8 by dropping your application off in person. Unless a PHA notes otherwise, you can hand-deliver your application during the office hours of any agency. You can usually obtain a paper application for Delaware Section 8 by printing one from the PHA’s website, calling to order one through the mail or grabbing the form at the office. 

Note that some agencies, such as the Newark PHA will only allow you to submit your initial application in person or over the phone. However, most PHAs will require that you apply for Section 8 in person once you are selected from the waiting list. When attending your in-person interview, the PHA will request more detailed information on your income, family composition, relationship to one another, citizenship and other factors that affect your eligibility. It is important that you bring any pertinent documentation that may help verify this information, such as birth certificates, Social Security cards, bank statements, employer information, benefit award letters, marriage or divorce certificates and other legal documents. 

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in Delaware?

After you apply for Section 8 housing in DE, you will more than likely be placed on a waiting list due to the limited number of vouchers available. Your position on the waiting list is determined by the date that you applied as well as your any preferences you may receive for being extremely low income or meeting other special criteria. 

If you applied online, you can do a Section 8 application status check by logging into your account. Other PHAs may be able to provide you with an update if you contact them over the phone. However, housing authorities usually prefer to notify you in writing when your application has been accepted or denied, making it unnecessary to check the status on your own. 

To contact your Delaware HUD office, click here.