How to Apply for Section 8 in Idaho

A Section 8 application in Idaho provides access to the Housing Choice Voucher Program to those who need government assistance to pay for shelter. Known as HUD, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development works in conjunction with the Idaho Housing and Finance Association to administer the program’s benefits throughout the state. There are also Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) in Idaho at which you may to acquire, complete and submit your application. However, learning your eligibility for housing vouchers is essential before staring the application process. 

When you apply for Section 8 benefits, you will need to make sure you have quite a bit of extra information about yourself and your household members handy. This will include necessary documentation that must be provided to prove the status for a number of factors that range from citizenship to income. You can find the Section 8 application online as well as a list of everything you will need to provide. To learn more about how to apply for low income housing, please continue to read the following. 

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in Idaho

You can find the Section 8 application online in Idaho on websites for the Public Housing Authorities as well as at the Idaho Housing and Finance Association. However, Idaho is one of the states that do not accept submissions online. You are limited to downloading the forms in order to fill them out at home and submitting them by other means, namely by regular mail or in person to a PHA office. You may check the status of applications for Section 8 online, however. 

How to Apply for Idaho Section 8 Housing by Mail

You can file a Section 8 application in ID by sending it via regular mail. You may either download the application forms from your local PHA’s website or from the Idaho Housing and Finance Association website. Once you have them downloaded, you simply fill out the forms. The Idaho low-income housing application initial step is very simple. You provide basic information only, such as your household size, income history and your employment information. You can mail your HUD housing application to any of the four Idaho Housing Branch Offices of the Idaho Housing and Finance Association. They are located in: 

  • Coeur D’Alene.
  • Lewiston.
  • Twin Falls.
  • Idaho Falls.

The Idaho Section 8 application process has multiple steps to it. Once this first step is complete and your application is accepted by the agencies administering the housing voucher program, they will bring you in for a formal interview. It is during the interview stage that you will need to produce your documentation to support your application information. Included among the documents you should have: 

  • Proof of income – The Section 8 application requires proof of income in order to meet the requirements to receive benefits. The Idaho agencies conducting the interviews ask for supporting documentation such as: 
    • Pay check stubs, W2 forms, previous years’ tax returns. 
    • Bank account statements.
    • Award letters or documentation of public assistance for other benefits.
    • Information on any assets you may have access to.
    • Social Security verification letter with a proof of benefits. 
  • Citizenship and/or immigration status – When you apply for low income housing in ID, you must have documents supporting the fact that all the people who reside in your household are either United States citizens or are legal resident aliens of the U.S. You may use any of the following documents to fulfill this requirement: 
    • Birth certificates for all household members 
    • Passports for those who are not United States citizens
    • Green cards or other visa paperwork for legally registered immigrants and aliens
    • Verification of immigration status for all immigrants in the household
  • Proof of your identification – The Section 8 application requires proof of your identification. In order to verify your identity with the Idaho agencies handling your interview, any of the following documents should be adequate for the purpose of completing the interview state of the process: 
    • Passports for anyone who is not a citizen of the United States 
    • Driver’s licenses
    • State ID cards
    • Birth certificates for all family members 
    • Social Security cards for all household members 

Be certain that any and all Section 8 applications include accurate and current supporting documentation. Any invalid IDs or incorrect information on your documents or application forms can result in delays in processing your application which also in turn delays any benefits to which you may be entitled. 

How to Apply for Idaho Section 8 Housing in Person

Submitting your ID Section 8 application in person is another option open to you. In fact, this may be optimal for those individuals who may have reservations about how to fill out all the paperwork, or may need assistance in doing so. Applying for Section 8 in Idaho in person may take more time than doing so online, but the level of help available to you for taking that time can offset the inconvenience. You can look up the office locations for your Idaho PHAs or the Idaho Housing and Finance Association locations where you may schedule a time to go in and fill out your paperwork. As with the HUD Section 8 application process by mail, the in-person process also starts with the basic application forms and information before moving on to the interview segment of the process.

Once you have your interview scheduled, you will need to present the required documentation to back all of it up. 

What Happens After You Submit a Section 8 Application Form in Idaho? 

Once you submit your Section 8 application, you can expect one of several different outcomes. An application for Idaho Section 8 benefits may be denied outright. Most often, denials are a result of some of the information being either incorrect or unverifiable. This is why it is so important to make sure all your supporting documentation is accurate and up to date. Another possible outcome of the application process is acceptance, in which case you will be advised what to do next in terms of selecting housing and how your funds are to be disbursed. A third and most common outcome in the Idaho Section 8 application process is to be placed on to a waiting list. The length of a particular waiting list varies according to what part of the state it is in which you live. However, you may check the status of your application on the websites for the PHA that is handling your application or the site for the Idaho Housing and Finance Association. 

To contact your Idaho HUD office, click here.