How to Apply for Section 8 in Kansas

Is your Kansas Section 8 application process going as smoothly as you might have hoped? If the answer is “no,” do not be discouraged. Getting a Section 8 home or apartment rental is a great solution for low income Kansans, but it can also be difficult to find the right information. Section 8 or the U.S. Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) program is a way for low-income citizens who qualify, to live in rental homes and apartments that are owned by landlords and renters across the country. However, these vouchers allow eligible families to pay a much lower price on their rent than they might have to otherwise.

When reviewing the details of how to apply for Section 8 housing in Kansas, you will need to be aware of the many misconceptions that come with doing so. Additionally, there is a lot of information that you will need for your application, including your family’s household income, number of members, U.S. residency status and more. In Kansas, Section 8 is regulated and distributed by the state’s branch of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). By working with HUD and your nearest Kansas Public Housing Authority, you can go through the application process without too much hassle. This article will outline the Section 8 process in Kansas, and inform you of how you can apply if you are eligible.

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in Kansas

Although doing your Kansas Section 8 application online might have been the ideal application method for some, there is purposeful reason for that option to be off the table. Indeed, online application is unavailable for Section 8 through the Kansas HUD, but the main reason for that is that there is too much information that needs to be reviewed by human eyes in this kind of application. Additionally, there are still some online services that you should be aware of and utilize during this process.

For starters, you can find your Kansas low income housing application online through the websites of any Kansas Public Housing Authority that you choose, which is available to be printed off and completed manually. In addition, you can use the Kansas HUD web services to learn more about Section 8 apartments and home in the state, and you can even search on a database that lets you find Section 8-eligible units that you may want to apply for. Using the internet is a convenient and accessible way to sign up for HUD housing, but it is not the only tool.

How to Apply for Kansas Section 8 Housing by Mail

In the same vein, you cannot apply for low income housing in Kansas directly through the mail. However, the mail is used multiple times in this application process, so it is still worth discussing and understanding. You can use the mail services through the Kansas HUD and Public Housing Authorities by:

  • Mailing in additional documentation, if your original application did not include enough information
  • Mailing in changes to your application, or updating your address while it has yet to be processed
  • Receiving your final HUD housing application acceptance or rejection, and getting information on your new unit
  • Mailing questions to the different agencies at any time before, during or after an application is processed

You can also contact the housing agency of your choice over the phone or in person at their office. However, it is important to remember that mail is an important communication tool in this application process.

How to Apply for Kansas Section 8 Housing in Person

You can determine how to apply for Section 8 housing in Kansas most easily by going into a Public Housing Agency office in person, and asking about their Section 8 availability. Of course, not every housing agency provides Section 8 services, so it is also important to do some research about the agency nearest you ahead of time. However, once you have determined that your agency does, you will need to complete their application form. The average KS Section 8 coverage form requires the following information in order to be processed quickly and efficiently:

  • Identity documents. These could be driver’s licenses, passports, Social Security cards and more.
  • Citizenship documents. These could be birth certificates, refugee papers, Alien Registration cards and more.
  • Income documents. These could be W-2 forms, Social Security insurance forms and more.
  • Housing record documents. These could be a letter from your old landlord, past leases, your new Section 8 housing voucher and more.

After learning how to apply for housing assistance in Kansas from the Public Housing Authority of your choice, you will need to spend a fair amount of time waiting. Your application will be sent straight to a waiting list once it has been filed, as further outlined below.

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in Kansas?

Once you have successfully applied for Kansas low-income housing through a Public Housing Agency in Kansas, that application will go to the bottom of their waiting list. This list can take quite a while to get through, due to the number of applicants versus the number of available units. You can do a Section 8 application status check in order to get an update on your application, which is usually performed online, over the phone or in person. However, there are certain instances that can lead to an application being processed early, if the applicant applies to any of the following:

  • If they are living in poor living conditions or have a bad lease
  • If they are recently or indefinitely homeless
  • If they are paying over half of their monthly salaries on housing
  • If they have been removed from their homes due to disaster or other reasons

Any of these scenarios can lead to a family being prioritized over another, in order to protect those who need the most help. It is important to understand the waitlist process to avoid stress and frustration while you wait. HUD Section 8 application processing in Kansas can sometimes take months to years to process. If you are unsatisfied with your processing time, you may contact the housing agency of your choice, or even put in applications with multiple Public Housing Authorities in different Kansas cities.

Finally, you will receive a notice by mail detailing the decision concerning your application. If you receive a denial, you can learn about your option to appeal the decision. If your application is approved, you will then be asked to go to the rental home or apartment that you have chosen in order to meet with your housing agency and new landlord. They will check your new unit for Section 8 code adherence, have you give some documentation to your new landlord and finally sign your lease. Although you cannot apply online for low income housing in Kansas, the manual application process will still allow you to get the right home or apartment for your family, at the right monthly price.

Reach out the HUD office in Kansas here.