How to Apply for Section 8 in Louisiana

The steps for how to apply for Section 8 housing in Louisiana are relatively simple in isolation, but there are many different components that go into the application process. Also referred to as Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs), Section 8 is the government-funded housing aid program that provides low-income citizens and their families with the ability to rent an adequately sized home or apartment for a subsidized price each month. By working with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), local Public Housing Authorities across the country find rentable homes and apartments that fit with Section 8 guidelines and even create their own Section 8 housing communities to help millions of low-income citizens to find and afford the right place to live.

The process to sign up for HUD housing Louisiana involves you and your family working closely with the housing agency closest to you in order to prove your eligibility for the program. Because it is a competitive program with limited funding and potential units every year, Louisianans are not always guaranteed a spot in the Section 8 program. However, once you learn how to apply for housing assistance with the right documentation and proof of eligibility, there is a good chance you will get the housing help that you need. This article will focus on the application process for Louisiana housing assistance and how you can go through the process of getting benefits for your family.

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in Louisiana

Unfortunately, the action of filing a Section 8 application online in Louisiana is impossible, as is the case in many other states. The main reason for this is that online applications often require some document scanning and uploading, but not too much. For Section 8 houses in Louisiana, quite a lot of information is required of applicants as a part of the main application. Additionally, there is also an interview that occurs once an application has been accepted, which could not be done online.

But while you cannot apply online for low income housing in Louisiana, you can use the online services of the Louisiana HUD and your local parish Public Housing Authority in order to assist in your application process. Most housing agencies have their application forms available online, which can be printed off and filled out using the required documentation. In addition, you can research more about Section 8 homes and apartments in the state of Louisiana, and find available units in your Louisiana city that are ready to be applied for.

How to Apply for Louisiana Section 8 Housing by Mail

In order to apply for low income housing in Louisiana, you will also need to look past using the mail. Mailing in applications is also an extremely popular activity all around the country, but it is still not widely accepted in the world of Section 8 housing. This could be for a number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest is that mailing important documents may put them at risk of losing important information. Instead of learning how to apply for Section 8 housing in Louisiana using the mail, you can use such a versatile medium for a number of other purposes while you are preparing your application. These applications are submitted to Louisiana housing agencies, where they sit for a while before processing. If your information changes before processing or you are asked to submit any additional documents, you may do so via mail. Then, when your application is processed and accepted, you will also receive your acceptance in the mail. Therefore, you will have many opportunities to use postage during this application process.

How to Apply for Louisiana Section 8 Housing in Person

However, when it comes to actually filing your low income housing application in Louisiana, the proper method of doing so is to go to your local Public Housing Authority in person. While not all housing agencies in Louisiana deal in Section 8 housing, many do, and you can check with your local agency before applying.

The information that you will need to bring to your in-person application includes:

  • Paperwork that proves your family’s identity, such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports or Social Security cards
  • Paperwork that proves your family’s U.S. citizenship, such as birth certificates, Alien Registration cards, passports or other foreign residency papers
  • Paperwork that proves your annual household income, such as W-2 forms, tax returns, life insurance policies, inheritances or other assets
  • Paperwork that proves your past residency history, such as mortgages, leases, previous housing aid forms or criminal history reports

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in Louisiana?

Discovering how to apply for housing assistance in Louisiana is a crucial step towards getting the rental home or apartment that you want as a low income resident of the state. However, once you have successfully applied with your local Public Housing Authority, there is not much left to do but wait for it to be processed. This can take some legitimate time, as there are often many Louisianans waiting for Section 8 housing already when you apply yourself. 

You can perform an LA Section 8 application status check by visiting your housing agency online, over the phone or in person, but this will often just give you a general idea of how many applications are still ahead of your own. However, some unique occasions can allow for applications to jump ahead of others in priority for Louisianans who need housing fast. These instances include those who have been:

  • Separated from their home and possessions due to a natural disaster or war scenario.
  • Scammed, or are spending too much of their money on rent and utilities.
  • Homeless, whether due to losing their home or leaving their home.
  • Living in standardized housing, or some other kind of poor living conditions not mentioned.

Specifically in Louisiana, Section 8 housing applications can be especially necessary for individuals and families that have lost their homes due to hurricanes and flooding. Understanding when you are and are not prioritized by your Louisiana housing agency can help you to plan for a potential wait if you do not need immediate help.

Finally, once your application is drawn and accepted by your local housing agency, they will contact you with information regarding your new home or apartment. Your HUD Section 8 application in Louisiana will return with the location of your unit, as well as information about an inspection and interview with the housing agency, your new landlord and yourself. This is where the lease will be signed, and you can begin to pay a much smaller amount of money every month for the home or apartment that suits your family.

Reach out to your local HUD office, here.