How to Apply for Section 8 in Nevada

State residents can submit a Nevada Section 8 application online or in person to any of Nevada’s three Public Housing Agencies (PHAs). Applications are available in multiple languages for families’ convenience. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, except when waitlists are closed due to excessive length. As of October 2018, only one of Nevada’s PHAs was actively accepting new applications. 

The fastest and most efficient way to apply for Section 8 is through PHAs’ online portals. Regardless of how applicants choose to apply for low income housing assistance, they will need to have a variety of personal identifying, contact and income information on hand to begin. This includes names, birth dates, genders, Social Security Numbers and current physical and mailing addresses. Applicants will need this information for each member of their household and may wish to gather their documents for easy reference before beginning their applications. 

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in Nevada

Each Nevada PHA offers a web portal through which families can access and submit a Section 8 application online. Applicants can expect to begin by establishing an account within the portal that they will use to manage their information throughout the application and renting process. 

The online low income housing application form will then ask applications for essential information:

  • The name, address and contact information of the head of household. 
  • The names, dates of birth and genders of all other members of the household.
  • Social Security Numbers of all family members. 
  • Race, ethnicity and citizenship information. 
  • Income figures and sources for all members of the household.

If any members of the household have disabilities, applicants will need to mark their HUD housing application forms accordingly.

Once applicants have completed and reviewed their applications for accuracy, they can submit them and wait for the PHA to contact them about taking the next steps in the process.

How to Apply for Nevada Section 8 Housing by Mail

Nevada residents who wish to submit a HUD Section 8 application by mail should contact their local PHAs by phone or email for assistance. All three of the state’s PHAs strongly encourage applicants to apply online for increased efficiency and accuracy. Mail-in applications are discouraged. 

However, PHAs must offer accommodations to applicants who cannot utilize the online system due to disabilities and other barriers to access. Therefore, information on how to apply for Section 8 housing via non-internet portal means is available upon request. 

How to Apply for Nevada Section 8 Housing in Person

Applicants who cannot or do not want to apply online for low income housing assistance may be able to apply in person. Some Nevada PHAs maintain open application hours on certain days and times of the week during which applicants may walk in without an appointment to complete an application. 

Before attempting to apply for Section 8 in person, applicants should contact their PHAs to verify when and where they accept in-person applications. 

All applicants will need to appear at their PHAs’ offices at some point during the application process to be interviewed by agency representatives. PHAs may elect to only meet with the head of household, or may require that all members of the family attend, depending on the office’s specific policies.  

Applicants may also request to meet with agency representatives during the Section 8 application process for assistance in understanding and complying with program requirements. 

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in Nevada?

After applicants have submitted their initial Section 8 applications online or in person, they will need to work with the PHA to document the information they provided. Generally, this means submitting copies of birth certificates, Social Security cards, pay stubs, award letters and other official records. Applicants will also need to agree to criminal and tenancy background checks. 

When families’ applications for Section 8 assistance are complete, their PHAs will review the applications and make eligibility determinations. What happens then depends on applicants’ Section 8 eligibility and the state of their PHAs’ waitlists.

  • If applicants do not meet all Section 8 eligibility criteria, their low income housing applications will be denied. Official written notice will be issued explaining the decision and the reasons for tenant disqualification.
  • If applicants qualify and the PHA has available vouchers, agency representatives will meet with applicants to review what assistance they are eligible to receive and what characteristics their supported housing must have. They will then be given a window of time in which to find suitable housing and negotiate a lease. All HUD low income housing-supported units must meet federal program standards and be inspected and approved by the PHA before voucher recipients sign their new leases or move in.
  • If applicants qualify and the PHA does not have available vouchers, the qualifying families will be waitlisted. They will remain on the waitlist until such time as funding becomes available to assist them. 

Applications submitted online, by mail or in person while a PHA waitlist is closed will be discarded or destroyed. When waitlists reopen, PHAs are required by law to post notice on their websites and in print in reliable local publications, such as daily newspapers. 

Waitlisted applicants in Nevada are not able to perform a Section 8 application status check while waiting for assistance to determine when the application will go through. The names of all qualified applicants are put into a pool and, when funding becomes available, a name is selected at random from the pool. This makes it impossible for applicants or PHAs to know how long it will be before a qualified HUD housing applicant will receive assistance. 

Applicants who have been approved for assistance but for whom no vouchers are currently available cannot access their HUD low income housing benefits until a voucher comes through, even if they find suitable housing and a landlord willing to rent to them. It is essential that families keep their PHAs up-to-date on changes to their family composition, income or contact information while they are waitlisted. Failure to do so can put their continued Section 8 eligibility at risk. 

If qualified Section 8 applicants have been waitlisted for more than a year when vouchers become available, they may need to requalify by submitting recent pay stubs and other documents to verify that they remain eligible for assistance before vouchers will be issued to them. Applicants can contact the Nevada HUD offices here.