How to Apply for Section 8 in New Mexico

The local Public Housing Authorities (PHA) accept New Mexico section 8 applications in person or by mail, depending on the office. Many offices also allow applicants to apply online for low-income housing. Applicants must enter information for each member of the household such as name, date of birth, employment and Social Security Number on the form.

Individuals submitting a low-income housing application must also provide documentation to support their application. Required documentation includes paystub’s, tax forms and Social Security cards.  Anyone applying for assistance must be either U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen or undeclared. Individuals who do not wish to disclose their citizenship status are ineligible for the program, however other members of the household may still be eligible. Applicants can keep reading for valuable information on how to get an application and how to apply for Section 8 housing assistance.

How to Apply for Section 8 in New Mexico

To apply for Section 8, NM residents must submit a form to their local PHA. The Section 8 application gathers necessary information about every member of the household. When submitting an application for assistance candidates must provide the following information:

Household Information 

  • Name of each member of the household
  • Birthdate for each member of the household
  • Social Security Number for each member of the household

Non-citizens must be sure to provide proof of legal presence and other identifying information.


Each member of the household older than 18 years of age must provide information about their income including name of employer and their salary. Applicants should note that Section 8 eligibility requirements based on income could vary between areas as incomes for an area will fluctuate. Families ineligible in one area might be approved in another. Additionally, income limits can change by year, so Section 8 petitioners should make sure to check limits with PHAs yearly.


Although the PHA include assets and income calculation, each member of the family must provide information about their assets such as bank account information, real estate and cash on hand. Assets do not include items, like jewelry, that are not considered an investment. 


Applicants are required to provide information about their monthly expenses for items such as current print, utilities, car payments and medical expenses. The expenses can be used to adjust a family’s income when examining eligibility.


As a part of the HUD housing application process, each applicant must provide references. Examples of references include landlords, utility companies and personal references.

Documentation Required

To apply for low-income housing each member of the household we need to provide the following documents to PHA:

Income Verification

To ensure each household meets section 8 income requirements the PHA must verify each family members income with a paystub, Veteran’s Affairs award letter or Social Security award letter. Those receiving TANF benefits must supply a printout of their cash assistance in food stamp benefits.

Citizenship Documents

When completing the low-income housing application, each family member must state their citizenship status as either U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen or undeclared. To qualify as an eligible non-citizen, candidates must provide one of the following documents:

  • Alien Registration Receipt Card
  • Arrival-Departure Record with an annotation of Asylum or Deportation stayed by the Attorney General
  • Unannotated Arrival-Departure Record with a final court action granting asylum or court decision granting withholding of deportation
  • Temporary Resident Card
  • Employment Authorization Card
  • Original Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Documentation

Individuals who do not wish to disclose their citizenship status are not eligible for housing assistance. However, other members of the household may still qualify provided they meet the requirements for the program.

Social Security Number

U.S. Citizens must provide a copy of their Social Security card when completing a Section 8 application. The PHA waives this requirement for eligible non-citizens, as non-citizens must provide other documentation.

How to Apply for New Mexico Section 8 Housing by Mail

Instead of submitting an NM Section 8 application online, candidates may be able to send their application via mail to the PHA that services their area. Not all PHAs offer by-mail assistance, so applicants should check when applying for benefits. For those PHAs that do, applicants may need to contact the PHA by phone, email or in person to request a form if the form is not online. This method of application is convenient for some, but if a form is incomplete, it can take longer to process. Anyone who needs reasonable accommodations regarding a disability should make sure to contact the PHA when learning how to apply for housing assistance.

How to Apply for New Mexico Section 8 Housing in Person

To submit a New Mexico HUD housing application at a local PHA office, applicants must go to the office during acceptance hours. Candidates must make sure to bring either originals or copies of all required documentation to submit along with the Section 8 application. Some offices may have limited hours or days for application acceptance, so petitioners should check with the PHA before they make a visit.

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application in New Mexico?

Due to the high volume of Section 8 applications and limited financial resources, most New Mexico PHA offices have a waiting list. When residents apply for section 8, the PHA will notify the resident that their application has been received. Some PHAs provide a way to perform Section 8 application status check online. Anyone who is denied benefits will receive a notice that details the reasons for tenant disqualification. This notice will also provide information about the Section 8 appeals process for anyone who believes their application should not have been rejected.

Once the candidate’s name moves to the top of the list, the PHA office will contact the candidate to discuss the next steps. At that time, the candidate may be required to provide updated documentation for income, assets and information on members of the household. Once the PHA verifies the documentation, the candidate may begin searching for suitable housing. Upon selecting housing, the PHA must inspect the unit to ensure that it is safe, sanitary and habitable by the family. After the inspection Section 8 candidate works with the landlord to complete the lease and additional documentation. Applicants can click here to get New Mexico HUD contact information.