How to Apply for Section 8 in North Carolina

North Carolina Section 8 applications may be submitted to local Public Housing Authorities (PHA). Due to limited funding from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there is an extensive waiting list for those waiting to apply for Section 8 vouchers. As such, the PHA closes the waiting list until additional resources can be provided. Petitioners may only apply for the program once their local PHA reopens the waitlist. 

To apply for Section 8, candidates must submit an online form that collects basic information about each member of the household. On the application, they must provide the names of each member of the family, Social Security Numbers of each member of the household and citizenship status for each person. The PHA assigns a priority rating to each application based on different factors. However, those with special circumstances such as homeless individuals or victims domestic violence are assigned a higher ranking on the list. The below information outlines how to apply for Section 8 housing and what to do after applying.

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in North Carolina 

Petitioners must submit a Section 8 application before being approved for a housing voucher. To apply online for low-income housing in NC, petitioners should contact their local PHA for more information on when the list reopens. If the waitlist is open, the PHA will provide information on how to log in and apply for the program.

In North Carolina, Public Housing Authorities only accept applications if the waitlist is open. The timeframe for the list reopening varies by county. Each PHA reopens the waitlist once resources become available in that area.

To apply for low-income housing online, petitioners will need to provide basic information about each member of the household including:

  • Name of each member of the family
  • Social Security Number for each member of the household
  • Citizenship status for everyone
  • Income for each person older than 18 years of age

Submitting a low-income housing application online in NC is the quickest way to apply for the program. Completing an application online allows petitioners to access an online portal where they can view the status of their Section 8 application and make updates to the application. Although the list may be closed, petitioners who are already on the list can still log in to update their information. 

How to Apply for North Carolina Section 8 Housing by Mail

The process to submit a housing choice voucher application can be cumbersome and requires a lot of documentation. As such, submitting a North Carolina HUD section 8 application through the mail is inefficient. Therefore, candidates must apply online. 

Although applicants may not apply by mail, they may begin to prepare the paperwork needed to submit their online application once the list reopens. Petitioners should gather information such as:

  • Birth certificates for each member of the household.
  • Social Security cards for each member of the household.
  • Immigration paperwork.

How to Apply for North Carolina Section 8 Housing in Person

Anyone who wishes to submit a Section 8 application must do so online when the waitlist reopens. The process for filing a HUD housing application in person varies at each PHA. However, most require petitioners to apply online.

Although a petitioner may not apply in person, they may visit their local PHA office for more information on the program, eligibility requirements and documentation needed to apply. The PHA representative will be able to explain the ranking process for applications and help an applicant determine if he or she meets criteria to receive a higher ranking on the list.

Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to visit their local PHA office to submit a HUD Section 8 application in NC and discuss their situation, as they may receive a higher ranking on the list. When evaluating housing eligibility, a victim’s safety is most important, and the PHA will take steps necessary to help the individual locate safe and affordable housing.

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application in North Carolina?

After submitting a Section 8 application online, the PHA places the candidate on a waitlist. Each application is assigned a priority based on several factors. Anyone who meets the below criteria may receive a higher ranking on the list:

  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Homeless residents
  • Those displaced due to a disaster recognized by federal relief efforts

Due to limited resources, it may take years for a petitioner to move up the list after submitting a HUD housing application. Given that, candidates for the program must not begin looking for housing or sign a new lease until they are approved for the program, and the PHA has issued a voucher. Applicants may periodically perform a Section 8 application status check in North Carolina by contacting their local PHA.

Once the applicant makes it to the top of the Section 8 waiting list, the PHA contacts the candidate to perform further verification of information. At that time, candidates must provide all documentation required to support their application. They must also undergo a criminal background check. Once approved, the PHA issues the candidate a voucher. Once an applicant receives a voucher, they may begin searching for housing.

After selecting housing, the PHA inspects the unit to ensure that it is safe and habitable. Voucher holders may then sign a lease with the landlord.

To contact your North Carolina HUD office, click here.