How to Apply for Section 8 in North Dakota

The North Dakota Section 8 application requires the same general information as all applications from states across the country. To apply for Section 8, you must meet the Section 8 eligibility requirements set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on a national level, plus any local requirements. Those local requirements might be set by the state or by your local county housing authority. In North Dakota, all Section 8 housing is overseen at the county level.

The Section 8 application online option is now available in certain counties, so you must find out locally whether or not that option exists. To apply for low income housing, make sure you follow the instructions below and provide all the required detailed information. Depending on how you apply, you might also need to provide copies or originals of certain documents. Find out all the details below and make sure you always confirm with your local county housing authority for current details before submitting anything final.

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in North Dakota

The low income housing application in ND can sometimes be submitted online, but it entirely depends on which county you live in and whether or not they accept online applications. Knowing how to apply for Section 8 housing can help make the process easier though, regardless of your method of application. If the online application is accepted, you will be walked through it as you go through the system, but you should still be prepared to supply certain details.

The HUD housing application will require you to share information about everyone in your household. Before you begin the application, gather the following details:

  • Personal Details: You will need information on each person who lives with you in your home. This includes full legal names, dates of birth and Social Security Numbers.
  • Income Details: You will also require details for income of every working adult in your home. You must supply total annual income details in order to calculate your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Your monthly AGI for the entire household will be a big factor in determining your eligibility.
  • Residency and Citizenship Details: Only U.S. citizens and certain lawfully present resident immigrants can qualify to receive housing vouchers. As such, you will have to prove the citizenship or legal status of everyone in your household. Social Security Numbers and signed attestations of citizenship will be required of citizens, while immigrants must provide supporting documentation for lawful presence.

If you have all the Section 8 application details required, then you can check with your local county housing authority to see if an online application is acceptable. You might need to register for an account to submit your application, which might require your basic personal details and Social Security Number. IF your PHA offers an online option but you need reasonable accommodation, be sure to contact the office for further instructions.

How to Apply for North Dakota Section 8 Housing by Mail

Knowing how to apply for housing assistance in North Dakota can make the application process easier. Applying by mail is a popular option, since most county housing authorities provide the application online or at their office for you to collect. You can download and print the Housing Choice Vouchers application to fill out at home or simply stop by an office near you to pick up the right application.

If you cannot apply online for low income housing, then applying by mail is another easy option you can use. As with the online option, you will have to gather all of the details mentioned in the list above in order to complete the printed application. Make sure you follow the instructions for your county housing authority and provide the exact documentation they require. 

Incomplete Section 8 applications are not processed, so be sure to fill out all of the required sections with as much detail as possible. When you mail a Section 8 application, you will have to wait for it to arrive and be processed and you might not receive feedback about a certain section requiring more details. Be as thorough as possible and make sure you double-check everything before you send it out in the mail. If your mailing address is incorrect and your mail is returned back to the office, the PHA will remove your form the mailing list. If you make any address changes, make sure to inform the office as soon as possible.

How to Apply for North Dakota Section 8 Housing in Person

Applying for Section 8 in ND in person can usually be done at your local county housing authority office. You can find contact details for all housing authorities on the HUD website or through the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) website. Reach out to your local county office to ask about getting housing assistance application help in person. This can be a great idea if you are unable to use a computer or if you are confused about the application and need a little extra help.

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in North Dakota?

After applying, a Section 8 application status check can confirm your current waiting list or housing status. However, you must be sure to follow the instructions provided by the county housing authority when you applied. If the application for Section 8 indicates that you will be contacted when your status changes, then you can simply wait to be notified. If the application says you may follow up by phone or email, then go ahead and contact the office as indicated. The status of an online application can often be checked by simply logging into your account online.

Once your HUD Section 8 application has been processed at your local county level, you will find out whether you can immediately receive your vouchers to begin your home search or not. Section 8 waiting lists are very common, since the need for housing assistance always outweighs the options and funding offered by the government. However, if your county has immediate availability, then you will be notified so you can begin your search right away.

If you are added to a Section 8 waiting list, then you will simply have to wait until your name reaches the top and you can begin searching for a home to use your vouchers. Your county housing authority should be able to give you an idea of how long it might take, so feel free to ask when you receive your notification.

If your low income housing application is rejected, you will receive your denial in writing with the reasons for tenant disqualifications. You can then request an informal review of your application details by contacting the office as indicated on your denial notice to initiate the Section 8 appeals process. You can click here to get contact information for the North Dakota HUD offices.