How to Apply for Section 8 in South Carolina

South Carolina residents who would like to submit a Section 8 application may complete the application process as soon as they have gathered the information and documents necessary to do so. You must comply with the regulations stipulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to ensure you are filling out your application correctly. You may choose to complete your Section 8 application online or you may seek assistance from your local public housing authority if you cannot fill out the application on your own.

When you apply for low income housing in SC you must provide accurate information pertaining to your employment history and your rental history to obtain eligibility for this service. Each member of your household must provide information on the application to ensure your Public Housing Agency (PHA) has a truthful account of the earned income your family receives. You must supply all necessary documents when filling out your application to ensure it is being processed properly by the PHA. 

Where to Apply for Section 8 Housing in South Carolina

 For those wondering how to apply for Section 8 housing in an efficient manner, you may choose to submit your application online to make the process easier on yourself, as well as on the PHA. You can apply for Section 8 housing on your mobile phone as well, as you only need a reliable connection to the internet to create a HUD account. Visit the PHA of your choosing in person if you require assistance with your form or if you are unable to access the internet at home. You can download and fill out your Section 8 application anywhere you may have internet access, such as a public library if the PHA is unable to accommodate your need for a computer upon your arrival. You can seek assistance from a local non-profit organization as well if you are unable to access the internet on your own or if you need someone to help you fill out the necessary forms. However, no one should charge you for this service. 

The HUD housing application must be completed in its entirety before submission, as this is the only way to be considered for this program. You may contact the PHA you are applying to by phone if you have questions about the application, or if you wish to verify your application has been received through the online portal. 

Documentation Needed to Apply for Section 8 Housing in South Carolina

To complete and submit your Section 8 application you must supply the documentation necessary to verify your identity and your source of income. The primary information needed on a South Carolina HUD housing application includes:

  • Your full name and the full name of anyone who intends to live with you.
  • Your birthdate and the birthdate of anyone who intends to live with you.
  • Your social security number and the social security number of anyone who intends to live with you.
  • Current address in South Carolina.
  • Updated contact information, such as your telephone number and email address.

You must identify each individual’s relationship with the head of the household on your Section 8 application as well. Most public housing authorities require you to provide income verification and employer information during the application process, though some low income housing applications do not require employment verification on the initial form. You may be asked to complete subsequent forms addressing your income and your employer information. If other members of your household work as well, you are required to provide their employment information as well as your own. 

Keep in mind that any false or outdated information found on your application may lead to the denial of housing benefits for you and your family, so you must provide all relevant information in full. 

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in South Carolina? 

After you submit your application you may choose to conduct a Section 8 application status check to verify your application has been received and to request an update on the status of your application. Depending on the PHA you have applied through, you may be able to call them directly to determine the status of your Section 8 application by entering your social security number when prompted on the answering service. These telephone recordings cannot tell you how to apply for housing assistance, nor can they provide information pertaining to whether you were approved for Section 8 in South Carolina. The only information you can gain by calling your PHA to determine your application status is whether the application has been received, or if it has been processed recently. 

If you apply online, you may be able to complete a Section 8 application status check through the online portal in which you applied originally. Oftentimes, the online portal stores your application in your account and you may periodically check for updates to determine what your status might be. 

It typically takes a few weeks for a Section 8 application to be processed in South Carolina, so you must remain patient through this period until you are notified of your status by the PHA. You will not receive notification of your status by mail, as PHAs in South Carolina commonly opt to inform individuals of their Section 8 selection through email, so be sure to provide an accurate email address on your application. 

If your low income housing application has been accepted, you may be relegated to a position on the wait list if an apartment with your size preference is not available when your acceptance comes through. The size of the apartment you need is based upon the number of occupants you have projected for your household, and you must wait until appropriate accommodations have been found before you can see the benefits of this program. When available housing units become available, the PHA selects the next HUD housing application from the list and provides housing to this individual. Depending upon where you fall on the list, you may be waiting for several weeks or several months to receive housing through this program. Once you have been granted housing from the PHA, you must submit to a background check and a home visit to ensure you are still eligible to receive this service. 

For more information, visit the official HUD website to find a HUD agency in South Carolina.