How to Apply for Section 8 in West Virginia

You will need to fill out a West Virginia Section 8 application if you find you need to obtain assistance for housing. This is of course after you have determined your eligibility for the housing choice voucher program. Most residents of the state apply for Section 8 with the intention of receiving help covering the costs of their rent. This type of program is called tenant-based housing. In some instances, the family can stay in their same apartment or rental home and the program will cover a portion of the rental costs. 

Learn About the Requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher Program

Most residents of the state apply for Section 8 with the intention of receiving help covering the costs of their rent. This type of program is called tenant-based housing. In some instances, the family can stay in their same apartment or rental home and the program will cover a portion of the rental costs. 

As with most governmental programs, there are stipulations, regulations and documentation that applicants must meet in order to submit a successful application. Use the following information to make sure your WV low income housing application is accepted the first time. 

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in West Virginia

In most counties in West Virginia you can access the Section 8 application online where you will find a writeable PDF form. Simply fill in the requested information, then print out the form. The Section 8 low income housing application cannot be submitted electronically to most public housing authorities. However, you can fax the form in once you have filled it out. Each individual public housing authority (PHA) will have a different fax number, which will be listed on the application you fill out. 

The application for Section 8 in WV also allows for a co-applicant to be listed. Once this initial application is filed and you receive notification that you qualify for assistance, you can apply online low income housing using provided links on your PHA’s website. Not all PHAs offer this service, however. 

What Information is on the Section 8 Application in West Virginia

Before filling out the HUD housing application, familiarize yourself with what types of information that will be asked, and what documentation you must have available to complete it. You will need some or all of the following documents and/or information: 

  • Name, address and phone number for two friends or relatives who know how to reach you. 
  • Household composition: A list of everyone who will be living full time with you in the home, or who are legally dependent on you. Be prepared to list their relationship to you and to prove this relationship. 
  • Social Security Number for everyone you list in your household. 
  • Report if anyone is elderly or disabled (and be able to prove it). 
  • List if you have special accommodations that must be met. 
  • Do you have children under six years of age who have been diagnosed with Environmental Intervention Blood Level? 

On the application for low income housing, you will also be asked for a detailed list of your income and expenses. They will want bank account numbers both checking and savings. Preferences are often given to those households where at least one adult is employed. Know the expenses you spend on the following: 

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Car
  • Car insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Childcare
  • Garbage

You may be wondering how to apply for housing assistance in West Virginia if you are older than 62 years of age. There is a special section on the Section 8 application designated only for seniors. This part of the form asks if you are receiving Medicare and what the premiums are, what medical bills you have, what prescriptions you may be taking for which you must pay, and whether you need special accommodations in the housing unit (such as for a wheelchair). If you do not wish to submit your application online and it is difficult for you to do so in person, you may call the PHA and have them fill it out for you over the phone. 

How to Apply for West Virginia Section 8 Housing by Mail

If you apply for Section 8 in West Virginia by mail, understand that most PHA offices only process applications on certain days of the week. For example, in Randolph County applications are accepted only on Thursdays until noon each week. You should allow at least a few weeks for your application to be processed. You can also conduct a Section 8 application status check by checking with your PHA to receive either a link to a list online, or to receive a special number that allows you to see where your name is on the waitlist. 

How to Apply for West Virginia Section 8 Housing in Person

You may print out the Section 8 application and take it in person to your local PHA office. However, check before you go as some PHA offices only accept applications on certain times and days of the week. Also, if the waiting list is closed, no PHA will accept an application until the list reopens. If you have submitted your application for Section 8 housing and the list closes while you are waiting, your name remains there until the list is active again. For those who have difficulty understanding how to apply for housing assistance in WV, a trained agent can sit down with you in person and answer any questions you may have. 

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in West Virginia

When initially applying for Section 8 assistance and found to be qualified, your name is placed on a waitlist until funding and properties become available. Once the waitlist opens, each name on the list is interviewed in person or by phone and then issued a voucher to be used to offset the costs of rent. During this interview, the PHA officer will ask to see your verifying documentation for everything you claimed on your application. This can include birth certificates, Social Security cards, proof of pregnancy, disability and income. 

The next step in the West Virginia Section 8 application process is to have a background check on all the adults in the household. If there is found to be a background involving criminal records, the PHA will request documentation surrounding the arrest or time of incarceration. If the arrest and time served was for something of a violent nature, or involved sexual offenses or the manufacture of methamphetamine, your application may be denied. The last step in the application for Section 8 process is to go through a one to two hour orientation that tells you about the program, how to research and find a property and to answer any questions you may have about the program. 

To contact your West Virginia HUD office, click here.