How to Apply for Section 8 in Wyoming

Before filing a Wyoming Section 8 application, candidates must first complete a pre-application to determine their eligibility. This pre-application includes reporting the family’s income, ages and dates of birth. Applicants should also indicate if any member of the family needs accessible housing for a disability. Disability, elderly or veteran statuses must be confirmed with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

After filing the pre-application, Section 8 hopefuls will be contacted when their names are chosen from the waiting list. To complete the final step to apply for Section 8, potential beneficiaries will be subjected to a screening process. In Wyoming, Section 8 voucher holders can apply to multiple waiting lists. Low income housing is competitive, and applicants are urged to apply to as many waiting lists as they are qualified for to increase their chances of receiving Section 8 benefits. 

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in Wyoming

The Casper Housing Authority and Cheyenne Housing Authority of Wyoming offer their Section 8 application online. Candidates should check their local public housing authority (PHA) to find if there is an online option to apply for low income housing. 

The head of household is required to fill out the online application and provide his or her Social Security Number and date of birth as certification. No official documents are requested on the pre-application, but Section 8 applicants should be as accurate as possible when reporting their information. Candidates who are found reporting any false information will be removed from all waiting lists and potentially barred from future low income housing applications. 

Applying online is one of the most secure and convenient ways to file for housing assistance in WY, but is it possible to contact your nearest housing authority if you have any questions on how to apply for Section 8 housing. If the pre-application confirms your eligibility, your name will be added to the appropriate waiting lists, but housing vouchers will not be issued to you until you have been verified by the PHA. 

How to Apply for Wyoming Section 8 Housing by Mail

If your nearest housing authority does not offer an online option, it is possible to file a HUD housing application by mail. You can print the Wyoming Section 8 application and fill it out by hand. This method of completing your application will allow you the most time to gather information. 

Do not mail any sensitive documents to the PHA with your application. Proof of citizenship and income will not be required until the final steps, and you do not want to lose sensitive documents in the mail. 

If you have any questions in your application process, you can call the PHA to ask how to apply for housing assistance, but filing by mail offers you the luxury of being able to complete the papers on your own time and in your own home. 

The Cheyenne Housing Authority no longer offers a section 8 application status check online. To check that your application was received and that you have been placed on a waiting list, call your PHA a few weeks after mailing your information to speak with an employee. This will be especially important if you apply by mail, as you will have to reapply if your papers were not received. 

How to Apply for Wyoming Section 8 Housing in Person

If you want to ask how to apply for housing assistance directly, you always have the option to apply in person. Printed pre-applications are available at participating PHAs. A benefit of applying for WY low income housing assistance in person is that a PHA representative can assist you in applying to multiple waiting lists and advise you ahead of time if some are more competitive or if you do not meet qualifications. 

Applicants will need to supply the total value of their income and assets, in addition to Social Security Numbers. Most candidates will not know all of those numbers without organizing their information first. Make only one trip to the PHA by gathering all the following information ahead of time:

  • Total gross annual income, monthly income and the value of all assets. Include any alimony, child support, unemployment, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families payments or other sources of revenue. 
  • The Social Security Numbers of all family members. 
  • The contact information of any organizations, health care professionals or related persons who might provide assistance during your rental period. 

The above information will be required, along with age, date of birth and race of all family members. The completed application will be filed by the housing authority, and applicants will be informed of the next steps. 

What happens after you submit a Section 8 application form in Wyoming? 

If the information on the pre-application shows that the candidate is qualified for housing choice vouchers, he or she will be placed on the appropriate Section 8 waiting list. The PHA will contact the applicant to confirm their qualifications. Those who were marked ineligible by their pre-application will be notified.  

If you receive a Section 8 denial letter, you have the right to contest the decision in an informal court hearing. Contact a PHA representative to learn how to file a Section 8 denial appeal. To avoid rejections, candidates should study Section 8 requirements prior to filing their application. 

In the final screening process, potential Section 8 beneficiaries must provide validation of all the information they reported on their application. Proof of citizenship or eligible immigration status must be supplied, and the PHA may ask for additional information. Before being issued a housing voucher in Wyoming, candidates must complete interviews with PHA representatives, provide references from previous landlords and verify the contact information of their employer. The final papers must be filled out by hand, and a PHA employee will assist. 

You can still be denied housing assistance at the final stages. To avoid this, it is important to confirm that all of the information on your pre-application is accurate and truthful. If you report any false information, not only can your HUD section 8 applications be denied, you may be barred from seeking rent assistance in the future. 

If an applicant moves after they apply online for low-income housing, he or she must notify their public housing authority in writing. In Wyoming, applicants will be dropped from all waiting lists if any mail sent to the candidate is returned to the office.  

To contact your Wyoming HUD office, click here.